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Monica Macovei resigns from the party she had founded, M10

M10 Party has announced that MEP Monica Macovei has resigned from this political formation which she had set up in 2015.

“The M10 Party thanks Mrs. Macovei for her activity within the party, for the initiative to establish this political vehicle dedicated to the younger generation – a vehicle which has proved another kind of politics could be envisaged. Although the strategic vision and the doctrinarian orientation of Mrs. Macovei has not always been the same with the party’s, she remains a symbol of anticorruption fight and of responsible politics, proven during the time when she was Justice Minister and as MEP,” a release from the party reads.

M10 Party has 16 branches throughout the country and has got 94 mandates of local counselor and 2 of mayor and 5 of deputy mayor at the local elections in 2016.

In early 2017, following the general assembly, the party members decided to assume a conservative doctrine, M10 is rightful member of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists in the European Parliament.

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