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More and more PSD branches want Iasi Mayor Mihai Chirica excluded from the party

PSD Prahova chairman Bogdan Toader has received a mandate from the organization to support the exclusion of party Vice-president Mihai Chirica, mayor of Iasi, during the coming PSD National Executive Committee, the party branch has announced in a statement quoted by the News.ro. PSD Prahova joins thus other organizations in the country that require Chirica’s sanctioning.

Other PSD subsidiaries which called for Chirica’s sanctioning are those from Alba, Constanta, Valcea, Dolj, Dambovita, Mehedinti, Satu Mare, Olt, Arad counties.

Also, several mayors in Iasi County, Chirica’s organization, asked the central leadership to discuss his situation.

A meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee to decide on Chirica’s case is likely to take place next week.

More and more branches in the country have sent messages to PSD to affirm support for PM Sorin Grindeanu and for PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.

Dragnea said on Tuesday that he wants to put the issue of excluding Chirica, saying that Iasi members of the organization are the ones who have to make a decision on the mayor of Iasi.

Vice-president of the Social Democratic Party, Mayor of Iasi Mihai Chirica continued to voice different stances than the ruling party’s official position. Chirica told Digi 24 on Sunday that he is discontent with the way Liviu Dragnea is running PSD.

“Deep things must definitely happen to place PSD in the context of the current days. (…) If I had been content, I wouldn’t have said such things. Another type of leadership is needed. He was a good party leader, he has brought PSD at its best score in the past years, but a change of attitude is needed. The policy of ruling with a heavy hand is no longer valid,” Chirica said.

The mayor of Iasi added that he is not the only who is discontent with Liviu Dragnea and that the PSD chairman has this blank cheque “as long as he doesn’t jeopardize PSD”. The mayor stated that Dragnea has already jeopardized the party from the sociologic point of view, hinting to the fact the party has climbed down in polls after the adoption of the emergency ordinance no 13, that intended to amend the criminal codes and decriminalize certain corruption crimes.

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