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Romanians, more optimistic about EU’s future than their own country’s

More Romanians want to join the Eurozone, EC survey reads

More Romanians want the adoption of the European currency, the number increased in the past year to 69%, up from 64%, a Eurobarometer released by the European Commission reads. Nevertheless, 55% believe the adoption of EUR would lead to higher prices.

Some 26% of Romanians believe we are ready to adopt the European currency, against 24% last year. 41% believe the move will take place in five year’s time (against 3% last year), 31% envisage it in ten years and 22% say the adoption will never take place.

Asked if the adoption of EUR will have positive or negative consequences, 11% say positive effects are expected, 43% – rather positive effects, 27% – rather negative effects and 13% – very negative consequences.

The EC also informs that men are more open towards the adoption of the European currency (57%) than women (45%).

The survey was conducted in April 2018 on 7,008 respondents in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Romania.


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