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More than 20 PSD leaders reportedly discussed the summoning of Executive Committee, withdrawal of support for Liviu Dragnea

Social-democrat sources say that more than 20 party branch leaders intend to request PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, by letter, to summon the National Executive Committee. The demarche is reportedly supported by Paul Stanescu (photo 2), Niculae Badalau (photo 3) and Mihai Tudose (photo 4), who have managed to mobilize other heads of organisations, hotnews.ro reports.

The sources say that 28 leaders have signed a letter requesting Liviu Dragnea to summon the Executive Committee sitting. The signatories want a debate on the way the party is led and its future.

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It seems 16 county branches have expressed support for the Stanescu-Badalau-Tudose camp and want to request Liviu Dragnea to step aside from all positions in PSD, from the one of party chairman and from the office of Chamber of Deputies Speaker. Allegedly, they want to withdraw the political support for Dragnea and to set up a collective leadership.

Among the leaders coopted in this initiative are Dumitru Buzatu – PSD Vaslui leader, Adrian Țuțuianu – PSD Dâmbovița leader and  Horia Nasra – PSD Cluj leader.

According to the sources, the county branches requesting Dragnea to step back are the organisations of Olt, Argeș, Giurgiu, Brăila, Ilfov, Dâmbovița, Bistrița, Prahova, Vrancea, Vaslui, Buzău, Constanţa, Cluj, Caraş Severin, Timiș, Bucharest and three district organisations. The most recent branch which joined the move is the Cluj organization.

Early this week the PSD group in the Chamber of Deputies discussed the option of summoning the Executive Committee. More precisely, the PSD MPs requested, on Tuesday, explanations regarding the tensions within the party and the solving of disputes by the Executive Committee. In reply, PSD Secretary General, Marian Neacsu, considered Dragnea’s right hand, responded that no sitting is needed for the moment.

On Thursday, PSD Giurgiu is to elect its leadership, with Niculae Badalau as interim chairman. The internal elections are to be attended by Vice-Premier Paul Stanescu, who seems to try becoming the leader of the social-democrats in the country, by Mihai Tudose and Adrian Tutuianu. Hotnews.ro sources claim the three county leaders will attend the elections as a sign of support for Niculae Badalau. Usually, the internal elections are attended by Liviu Dragnea, as guest of honour.

On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea has summoned at the PSD central offices the heads of organisations, under the pretext of talks on organizing the coming referendum for traditional family. Unofficially, sources say Dragnea is trying to consolidate his position as leader through discussions and negotiations with branch leaders.

Currently, Dragnea has the support of the country branches of: Dolj, Gorj, Teleorman, Vâlcea, Ialomița, Neamţ, Bacău, Maramureş, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Cluj, Braşov, Covasna, Harghita, Alba, Arad and two of the Bucharest district branches (District 5 – Daniel Florea and District 6 – Gabriel Mutu).

During the PSD informal sitting in Neptun, late last month, Stanescu, Badalau and Tudose reproached Dragnea the fact that the party has fallen in opinion polls and that people countywide are dissatisfied by the decision-making means.

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The tensions mounted during the Executive Committee sitting when Gabriela Firea (photo 5) requested the withdrawal of political support for Interior Minister Carmen Dan, for the way she managed the Gendarmerie during the August 10 rally. The proposal had no echo, as county leaders wanted to avoid an open conflict with Dragnea. Soon afterwards, Gabriela Firea publicly charged the PSD leader and tried to become the leader of PSD members’ dissatisfactions. And yet, it looks like the social-democrats don’t want to support her in the war against the party chairman.

‘AKM MP’ Catalin Radulescu says the ‘20’ should read the party statute

PSD Deputy Catalin Radulescu, aka the AKM MP, has an advice for the 20 county leaders: they should read the party statute instead of chatting between drinks.

“We are going through the lost letters season. (…) I recommend them to read the statute, I have the impression that some leaders have not understood that the party chairman, elected by congress, can be dismissed only by congress. Not by letters, or by other steps. They can discuss it in the Executive Committee, they can summon a congress, that’s all, the statute says nothing else. (…)They should read the statute better,” Catalin Radulescu said on Thursday.

He added he does not know what their dissatisfactions are, but they should discuss the issues in the party.

“Such things should be discussed in the party, we quarrel, we fight and then we go in public to tell the people what we want to do with this party, if we want to govern or nor further on. If someone does not want to take part to our actions, there are other parties,” Radulescu said.

In May 2017, Social Democrat MP Catalin Radulescu, also known as „the AKM MP”, was indicted in the file he is charged with not observing the regime of weapons and ammunition. He risks up to five years in prison after police officers discovered, during searches at his house, weapons that he was illegally holding.

The investigation in this file started following Radulescu’s controversial statements in March 2017. He said in an interview to ‘Adevarul’ that he would not hesitate to use an AKM machine gun that he has had since the 1989 Revolution against protesters in Victoriei Square. However, during hearings, Radulescu told prosecutors that all he did was to show off and that he had a first gun in 1999.

Catalin Radulescu is in his second term as deputy.



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