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Motion of censure scheduled for Friday morning

Motion of censure scheduled for Friday morning

Meeting with foreign ambassadors on Tuesday.

The Standing Bureaus of the two Chambers of Parliament on Monday decided that the motion of censure filed by the National Liberal Party to be debated and voted on Friday, starting 10 o’clock in the morning.

According to the Liberal deputies’ leader, Ludovic Orban the Liberals have initially proposed the motion to be debated on Thursday, but the parliamentary majority turned down the proposal and scheduled the vote for Friday morning.

However, Liberals are not very happy with the day, as, Orban claims, Friday is not usually dedicated for plenum sessions and MPs use to leave to their constituencies during the weekend.

“Plenum sessions are not usually held on Fridays. Usually, the lawmakers are not used to attend the Chamber or the Senate’s plenum. Obviously, as it’s a motion of censure, I hope the representatives of the ruling coalition will have the decency to come to the vote,” Orban said.

Liberal deputies’ leader said the party has no UDMR’s point of view yet, also unveiling that they undergo individual negotiations with PSD, UNPR, PC and PLR lawmakers.

On the other hand, PNL first vice-president Mihai Razvan Ungureanu also informed that a delegation of the party leaderships would meet part of the foreign ambassadors in Bucharest on Tuesday to present them further details on the motion’s reasons and content. The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. “The vote by mail is in our view a solid reason for a motion of censure. However, it’s a promise we made all Romanian citizens- to give them the possibility of casting their vote, to exert their constitutional right to take part in the democratic process in Romania,” Ungureanu argued.

National Liberal Party filed the motion of no confidence against Ponta Government at the Parliament last Friday. The motion is signed by 183 MPs, most of them liberals. 12 signatures are coming from the new party founded by Mircea Geoana, the Romanian Social Party (PSRO) and two from the democrat group. The motion is titled “Victor Ponta- removed for surplus of power by blocking elections. The right to vote is no slogan!”.

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