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MPs pass their special pensions

Lawmakers on Tuesday passed the draft on special pensions for deputies and senators by 287 votes to one, while 5 abstained from voting. The bill had been previously rejected by president Klaus Iohannis.

Now, the MPs practically voted president Iohannis’ re-examination request, bringing several amendments. So, the current draft says that only lawmakers who have a full mandate will receive special pensions and not those who have only a six-month mandate.

Those who are still acting lawmakers and also have the retirement age cannot cumulate the usual pension with the special one.

The Romanian MPs claim they need this compensation besides the usual pension, arguing they cannot have other jobs due to the incompatibilities rules.

Passed at the end of last parliamentary session, the draft was sent back to Parliament by president Iohannis, who was dissatisfied with the lawmakers voting new privileges for themselves.

When re-examining the draft law, the MPs deleted the provision stipulating that the lawmakers who have been criminally charged should benefit of these special pensions.

The draft stipulates a pension of RON 1,500 for the lawmakers with one mandate, RON 3,100 for those with two mandates and RON 4,400 for MPs with three mandates.

Chamber’s deputy speaker Ludovic Orban on Tuesday said that he doubted there were 287 lawmakers in the plenary hall when the draft was voted, as Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea has counted. However, Liberal Orban mentioned he cannot proved there were less MPs, so the National Liberal Party could not challenge the vote.

Ludovic Orban was stating on Monday that the leader of the Social Democrat group had asked for the special pensions law’s being tabled on the Chamber’s agenda. Asked how the Liberals will vote the draft, Orban said they would veto it. However, part of the Liberals voted in favor.

President Klaus Iohannis can challenge the draft to the Constitutional Court if the law proves to not be compliant with the Constitution.

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