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Nadlac II – Csanadpalota border checkpoint inaugurated. PM Ponta: Highway from Sibiu to Hungary operational as of 2016

Romanian PM Victor Ponta, Hungarian vice-premier Semjen Zsolt and Romanian minister of European Funds Marius Nica on Saturday attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of Nadlac II- Csanadpalota border checkpoint. The inaugural ribbon was cut right on the border line, 500 meters away from Nadlac II border check point. PM Ponta came going on crutches and after the national anthem intonation he sat down on a chair.

PM Ponta said he made no speech at the event, as it is a European financing project and he chose to let minister of European Funds speak.

Yet, the premier gave some statements, informing that other two plots of highway, before and after Lugoj will get operational by the end of the year, while people will be able to move on highway from Sibiu to Hungary as of next year.

Ponta also said that the last 24 hours are very important for Romania, as the Operational Programme for Large Infrastructure 2014-2020 worth almost EUR 12bn has been signed on Friday. As a matter of fact the prime minister revealed he is upset with the Romanian media for not reporting about this programme.

“Besides, as of Saturday, for the first time in our history, we are linked to the European Union by a motorway. I want this Government to be remembered not only through the fact we gave pensions, salaries and we cut the VAT. Finally, after 25 years, practical things are achieved for the infrastructure in Romania,” Ponta said.

On the other hand, VP Semjen Zsolt invited Romania to “reconsider the denial stance” and to find solutions for connecting the local roads on both sides of the border so that cross-border development should be possible.

The Hungarian official said that it is “extremely important” for his country to connect the transport, communication and energy networks with Romania, adding that he is thinking of the day when “the highway in northern Transylvania will be linked to the one in Hungary.”

22-hectare area, 20 traffic lanes

The border checkpoint was opened for public traffic on Saturday along with the second plot of Nadlac-Arad motorway, between Pecica and Arad. The border checkpoint is located on Romanian territory, about 10 kilometers away from Nadlac customs on DN7.

The new border checkpoint has 20 traffic lanes, ten on each ways, with ten double lodges for Romanian and Hungarian customs officers. Four lanes are for the vehicles, other four are for trucks, while the other two are intended for the coaches. Four weighers are set up for the heavy traffic, two on each lane.

The checkpoint is lying on 22 hectares and is completely video monitored. The cameras are automatically identifying the registration marks of the cars, while the IT programs are displaying the cars that are stolen or if they have the vignette paid.

The parking on the way out of the country has 107 seats for trucks.

The project of setting up this border checkpoint was amended compared to the initial contract of Nadlac-Pecica highway. Thus, at the authorities’ request, the point has been extended in order to comprise a much larger transit capacity.

Starting July 15, trucks over 7.5 tons are banned to transit Nadlac Customs.

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