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Obsentum brings artistic perfumery in Romania: JUL ET MAD Paris, the love story… for art

Romanian businesswoman Madalina Stoica and French entrepreneur Jules Blanchard fell in love instantly in 2004 when they met at a Parisian café. It seems a love story like a classic fairy tale, but it’s more than that, it’s a love story for art and, especially, for artistic perfumery.
Their fabulous «histoire d’amour» underlies the JUL ET MAD Paris “Haute Parfumerie” house, ambassador of French traditional perfumery, that is brought to Romania by Obsentum, the first niche perfumes boutique inside an airport in Europe – ‘Henri Coanda’ International Airport.
Today, JUL ET MAD Paris continues to be a true four-handed concept, both founders being directly involved in every creative stage, from formulas to external packaging, working directly with French artisans and using exclusively the highest quality raw materials, purest essentials oils and the most rares absolutes.
“Every perfume is a work of art, another expression of pure art. This is how we express our love and sensitivity for art,” Madalina Stoica – Blanchard said for The Romania Journal on the occasion of the launch event. parfumuri
Previously top manager in international operational marketing within LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton world leader in luxury, Madalina Stoica conceives ‘perfumes without compromise’ whose loyal customer is the flamboyant fashion designer John Galliano himself.
JUL ET MAD Paris boasts a portfolio of 11 scents available exclusively in the Extrait version, divided in two collections sold in over 24 countries on three continents: Les Classiques (Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse a St-Germain, Amour de Palazzo, Aqua Sextius, Secrets du Paradis Rouge) and Les White (Nea, Nin-Shar, Garuda, Bella Donna, Fugit Amor, Mon Seul Desir).
JUL ET MAD Paris is among the few niche fragrance houses that have the official right (granted by the French authorities) to use the ‘Paris’ appellation in the brand name, for bringing back the splendor of the traditional French perfume, forgotten in the last decades due to the boom of commercial perfumes.
Among the new perfumes of the brand launched in 2017 are the olfactory trilogy of love: Bella Donna, Fugit Amor, Mon Seul Desir inspired by the masterpieces in painting (La Belle Ferronniere – Leonardo da Vinci), sculpture (Fugit Amor – Auguste Rodin) and tapestry (La Dame a la Licorne).
For Madalina Stoica-Blanchard, the fragrant notes replace letters and words. Asked what kind of flavor they prefer, the two perfumers are different, with their own personality.
”Although we are a very united couple, when it comes to perfumes and personal choices, we are very different! However, listening to your own instinct and trying to stay faithful to personal style, each person will be able in choosing the right perfume. That’s why we do not like to categorize perfumes, for women or men. Depending on their own feelings, ’she’ and ’he’ can complement each other,” Madalina Stoica-Blanchard stated.
The creative period for the latter collection lasted for 2 years. ”We did not want to create a one-shot concept. I have learned to love my business and always look at things objectively, and no matter how difficult it sometimes seems, I have learned to remember that there are no problems in life but only solutions,” the feminine side of JUL ET MAD Paris said

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