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Ilan Laufer

Olguta Vasilescu proposed for Regional Development, Mircea Draghici for Transports. Ilan Laufer accuses President of anti-Semitism

After President Iohannis rejected the proposals of Lia Olguta Vasilescu for the Transports Ministry and of Ilan Laufer for the Regional Development portfolio, the ruling Social Democrat Party convened in an emergency meeting, voting for a switch and proposing Vasilescu for the Regional Development. As for the Transports, PSD made a new proposal, Mircea Draghici.

Therefore, Ilan Laufer remains outside the Cabinet and had a tough stance against President Iohannis who rejected his bid. Laufer, who belongs to the Jewish community, told a press conference at the PSD headquarters on Tuseday evening that President Iohannisț denial to name him as minister of Regional Development is an act of anti-Semitism, announcing he will file a complaint against Iohannis to the National Council for Combating Discrimination.

This decision is not constitutional. I consider President Iohannis’ denial in my case as a new act of anti-Semitism. Mr. Iohannis had several outbursts against Jews and anti-Semitic statements, has refused to name an ambassador in the attempt to sabotage the Romanian-Israeli relation. He acted through intermediates by a criminal complaint against PM Viorica Dancila. I have sure information that I should expect the same way of action, more precisely a criminal file that is under way at the President’s order. Mr. Iohannis promised Angela Merkel that he will do its best to block the relocation of Romania’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” Ilan told the press conference.

He also announced he will press charges against the head of state to the National Council for Combating Discrimination.

These attacks are the more painful the more 52 people died in my family in the Holocaust in Romania during the WWII. I ask Klaus Iohannis to have the courage and say the real reason that he rejected my appointment. I will file a complaint to the CNCD, as I consider President Iohannis’ refusal as a clear discrimination attitude,” Laufer added.

However, the director of the “Elie Wiesel” Institute, Alexandru Florian, says Ilan Laufer’s statements have an undertone of politics and are speculations.

I think it is an emotional reaction of Mr. Laufer, who didn’t expect that his path to a public dignity positions should be so suddenly braked. On the other hand, the message is part of the raised tone of the dialogue between the two palaces (Cotroceni and Victoria- Presidency and Government). It is one of Mr. Laufer’s speculations,” said “Elie Wiesel” head.

In his turn, the president of the National Council for Combating Discrimination, Asztalos Csaba told Digi24 that Ilan Laufer’s statements are extremely serious, as the topic is sensitive not only in Romania, but worldwide.

Laufer was named minister in a previous Government and Iohannis Okayed him. Some stereotypes and misconceptions are still being used. These elements are used in the political battle and it is regrettable,” said the CNCD head.

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