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Opposition to file censure motion tomorrow. What is their alternative?

The Opposition parties will file the censure motion on Friday, reproaching Dancila Cabinet it had not observed the ruling programme, that it had amended the justice laws to protect offenders and that it had revised the pensions law. The text of the motion is to be read in Parliament on Monday, December 17, while the vote is to be cast on Wednesday, December 19.

The dummy government of offender Liviu Dragnea must leave today! This is not a request made by the Opposition, but it is a national emergency! The criminal organized group led by Liviu Dragnea has weakened the state in order to subdue it (…) We strongly assert that it is dangerous for the national interests that the country stays in the hands of this criminal organized group that is destroying the rule of law and blowing up Romania’s political and economic stability, in a moment of international instability. Those who will try to save Liviu Dragnea again, against Romania, will carry a historical responsibility on their shoulders. For the choice you will make today, ladies and gentlemen from PSD, ALDE and UDMR, is between Liviu Dragnea and Romania”, says the introduction of the censure motion.

The Opposition parties have also forwarded their proposals in case the Parliament passes the no-confidence vote. They propose a “thinner” Government, with maximum 15 ministries and 45 secretaries of state, as well as increased sums of money to be allotted to the Education sector and also the rise of the pension point as of January next year.

“Dancila Government will be toppled down and in its place we’ll propose a thinner, European government with maximum 15 ministries and maximum 45 secretaries of state. We’ll kick off an ample process of cutting the public money waste, which will start with the restructuring of the public central administration, by curbing the number of government agencies and by restructuring expenses for goods ans services in the public administration. The administration placed in the service of citizens, nephews and friends will be out!,” the signatories of the motion said.

One of their proposals refers to allotting up to 6% of the GDP for the education system, while the measures for the economy are related to the removal of the split VAT, of the the over-excise duty and of over taxation of the part time work contracts.

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