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Paltinis, the oldest resort in Romania

Paltinis is a mountain resort in Transylvania, located 35 kilometers south-west from Sibiu, in the Cindrel Mountains at 1,440 meters altitude. It is the first resort built in our country, around 1894 by the Transylvanian Carpathian Society for the tourists. Due to their age, over a century, three of the 40 villas erected back then were declared historical monuments: Tourists’ House (Casa Turistilor), Doctors’ House (Casa Medicilor) and Monaco Hall (Sala Monaco).

Being located at the highest altitude in Romania, Paltinis resort has the cleanest air around the country. The main therapeutic factor is the alpine climate with strong ozonized air, rich in aerosols and ultraviolet radiation. The resort is located in the heart of a pine forest, whose pure air becomes ‘medicine’ in treating diseases caused by stress, overwork, fatigue and especially lung diseases and growth deficiencies in children. The resort is visited frequently by tourists both in summer and winter, being considered an enchanting place during vacations.

The abundant snowfalls, from November till April, make Paltinis Resort a highly sought-after destination, especially for winter sports enthusiasts. The resort can also brag about the excellent skiing conditions being equipped with seven tracks with different levels of difficulty, accessible to all winter sports lovers. The ski slopes have cable transportation and specialized monitors to teach the beginners ski lessons. The ski equipment can be rented from the resort.

An important tourist attraction right at the entrance in the resort is a Romanian Orthodox monastery, the place where the Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica spent the last period of his life. He was buried here on December 6, 1987.

While in the area you shouldn’t miss Iezerele Cindrelului Reservation and the beautiful glacial lakes.


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