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Patient dies due to erroneous blood transfusion

A 66-year-old man has died due to an erroneous blood transfusion. The Health Ministry initiated an investigation at the St. Pantelimon Hospital in Bucharest, following the incident, and is to draw up a report on the case, digi24.ro reports.

The spokeswoman for Saint Pantelimon Hospital, Florina Mitoiu, said that the nurse that made the wrong transfusion was suspended from office. She became aware of the mistake during transfusion, when the patient’s condition was deteriorating, stopped the transfusion, and began the resuscitation manoeuvres.

“The patient who received the blood did not need the blood. It was totally incompatible blood. The nurse stopped the transfusion, the patient was resuscitated, stabilized, and the next day he was taken to Floreasca Hospital where he died in the days that followed. We know that the nurse administered the blood to another patient than the one needing transfusion. The rest of the staff observed the procedures. A patient to receive blood should be identified. If he hasn’t not been asked if he is ‘x’, born on…, things can degenerate from here,” the hospital spokeswoman explained.

The man suffered from several conditions, including cirrhosis, and had been hospitalized several times at St. Pantelimon Hospital. Last week he was admitted for treatment, and on Friday a nurse made an erroneous blood transfusion. Immediately the man felt sick and in the evening he was transferred to Floreasca Hospital, where he died.

The Ministry of Health has sent the control body to St. Pantelimon Hospital and the hospital management has started an internal investigation. If it is established that it was the fault of the nurse, she risks losing her employment contract.

In February 2017 two patients admitted to “Filantropia” Hospital in Craiova died following blood transfusions, while another four had adverse reactions.

A female patient was on the verge of dying last summer after she had been mistakenly administered another blood group than her own.

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