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Peaceful protest in Victoriei Square following Friday’s violence. Tens of thousands wearing protective masks asked for the Gov’t resignation

Tens of thousands of people returned to the Victoriei Square on Bucharest on Saturday evening to protest against the Government and the ruling party PSD and its leaders. Many came wearing protective masks in case the security forces used tear gas again. Unlike Friday’s violence, a peaceful rally was staged on Saturday, with people shouting against the Government and the ruling party leaders, also slamming the intervention in force of the gendarmes the other day. “You don’t have so much tear gas how much pain we have inside us”, “Liviu don’t forget, this is not Dragnetia”, “Resignation Government”.

People started coming around 8 p.m. crying “Thieves”, “Resignation”, “PSD, the red plague”, “M…E, PSD”, keeping the flashlights of their mobile phones lit.

Around 9 p.m., protesters turned their back at the Government’s building, while the message “Dancila, resignation” was screened on a block of flats in the square.

Overall, around 50,000 people came in Victoriei Square on Saturday. At the end of the protest, protesters have lit the flashlight of the phones again, chanting: “You should be afraid, the people is rising up”.

101-year-old philosopher Mihai Sora, well known for his frequent appearances during the anti-government protests since 2017 up to now, has been again in the middle of the protesters, despite his latest health issues and his long hospitalization. At the end of June, the French media wrote about Mihai Sora that he has become “the mouthpiece of mobilizing the civil society” against “the deviations” of the Romanian current ruling leaders.

A photo featuring Adrian Vasilescu, adviser of the National Bank governor, attending the protests in Victoriei Square have stirred reactions, with representatives of the ruling coalition slamming his presence. Labour minister Olguta Vasilescu commented: “And we wondered why the Robor was increasing...”, while ALDE senator Catalin Zamfir ironically said: “What a surprise, a true #resistant from Diaspora who, of course, cannot stand communism (…)”.

The traffic has been restricted in the area right from the beginning of the protest.

The medevac teams have intervened in 12 emergency situations during the Saturday’s rally, with two people being taken to the hospitals, but they were not victims of any violent actions: a 20yo young boy who complained of chest pains and a 29yo woman who had dizziness.

The other medical problems were a panic attack, hypertension and a hand injury.

Protests have been staged in other cities as well: 8,000 protested in Sibiu, 6,000 in Iasi, 3,000, 3,000 in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, 4,000 in Brasov and 3,000 Constanta. Similar rallies have been staged in Galati, Bacau, Oradea, Piatra Neamt and Galati.

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