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Plagiarism verdict for Gabriel Oprea. CNATDCU requests the doctorate title withdrawal

The General Council of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) has decided on Monday to propose the withdrawal of doctorate of former Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea. The decision is to reach the Education Minister.

CNATDCU experts who analyzed the PhD thesis of Gabriel Oprea have given their verdict in the case of plagiarism on July 26.

“The Commission argued on several pages and concluded that the PhD thesis was largely plagiarized and proposes the withdrawal of doctorate title of Mr. Gabriel Oprea. The decision was taken unanimously by the 35 members,” CNATDCU chairman Viorel Barbu said.

Gabriel Oprea’s doctoral thesis, ‘The preliminary complaint procedure’, was presented in 2000 at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest University, the coordinator was Professor Ion Neagu.

Subsequent to the information on suspected plagiarism Gabriel Oprea’s PhD thesis, appeared similar information about several works that former deputy had coordinated, among them those of Neculai Onţanu, former mayor of District 1 and Bogdan Licu, former interim attorney general.

Former deputy prime minister and UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea received a verdict of plagiarism from the CNATDCU Committee of Legal Sciences last week.

The charge of plagiarism against Gabriel Oprea PhD thesis emerged in July last year when journalist Emilia Şercan showed that the entire work of the then Interior Minister and Vice-Premier did not contain any quotes.

Oprea: I will appeal against the CNATDCU decision

Former interior minister and Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea has announced on Facebook that he will challenge CNATDCU the decision.

“I will use all legal means at my disposal as a citizen. Therefore, I will challenge the CNATDCU decision and, if the decision will remain the same, I will address Justice to shed light on the matter and I am confident that the court will confirm my stance,” Oprea wrote in his message.

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