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PM Ciolos: Romania reiterated solidarity with the EU, but requests the migratory flow control and a functional Schengen

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Friday, after the European Council meeting, that Romania reiterated its solidarity with the European Union in the migration file, but has ‘conditions’, i.e. the strengthening of the EU capacity to control the migration flow, but also to ensure a functional Schengen space.
“I gave assurances that Romania is part of the solution, with solidarity, but this solidarity comes under certain conditions and the issue we insisted for was primarily the EU’s capacity to control the migration flow. I pointed out that for us it is important the EU border control and also to ensure that Schengen remains a reality,” said the Premier in Brussels, during a press conference that marked the end of the winter European Council.
PM Ciolos underscored the Romanian position remains unchanged in regard to the Schengen file and wants that the control measures at the borders within the Schengen space to be ‘temporary measures’.
“Romania in further interested that the Schengen space remains functional,” Ciolos said.
Dacian Ciolos presented some of the measures discussed in the Council regarding migration, saying that the EU leaders would approve, before the summer, a plan to restructure the current mechanism to control the Union’s external borders, Frontex.
“The proposal submitted by the Commission was discussed and it will be discussed in the Council of Ministers, the one regarding the strengthening of EU’s border control, a very good thing, which Romania has supported for a long time, including the creation of a new coastal security and of border security structures that would come to strengthen what Frontex is currently doing,” Ciolos said.
In regard to migrants’ relocation, the PM said the EU leaders decided to wait for the results of the current decisions and then to amend them, the way the migrants are relocated.
“It’s an important step ahead, for the process of strengthening of EU’s capacity to control the migratory influx. We can talk about relocations, as I also have underlined, about how to carry out the relocations, about the mechanism, after we prove that the measures already adopted are functional (…) and only subsequently we can discuss about other relocation mechanisms, automatic eventually,” the Romanian PM added.
Last but not least, Ciolos said during the discussions that the objective should be the control of the migratory influx, “so that we adopt decisions on short term” and, from this perspective, we should follow the agreement with Turkey and see if the Turkish authorities observe their commitments. In this regard, Ciolos added that diminishing of the influx from Turkey has been noticed, although it remained at the level of some 4,000 persons per day.
Photo: tvnewsroom.consilium.europa.eu. From left to right – Ms Federica MOGHERINI, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; Mr Dacian CIOLOS, Romanian Prime Minister; Mr Mark RUTTE, Dutch Prime Minister.

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