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PM Dancila: I see no reason to resign

After President Klaus Iohannis has called on Friday for Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s resignation, as she cannot cope with the requirements of the office, the premier replied late in the evening that she sees no reason to resign, arguing the President’s statements had no point.

I see no reason to resign. I couldn’t say it affects me, but it’s a step and a statement that were pointless now, this working manner leads to a weaker confidence abroad and it should not be done. Besides hard feelings and frustrations, we must prove responsibility,” Dancila told Romania TV private broadcaster.

As for her refuse to go to Cotroceni on Friday to the meeting summoned by the head of state on the mediation between Gov’t and the central bank (BNR), the premier said she had turned down the invitation for she had seen the President’s statements as if a pupil is called at school.

The President’s turn of phrase and judgments also offended me before that and that’s why I didn’t’ go to Cotroceni. I tried to keep balance, to have a good collaboration, I called to tell the President, he was in a meeting. I informed that I would not come to Cotroceni, I hoped the president would call back to talk, but he had just a public reaction,” she stated.

Dancila: I needed no mandate to go to Israel

The premier also said she needed no mandate to go to Israel, as President Iohannis put it, adding that Iohannis’ statements on certain “deals with the Jews” are revolting and concerning.

“I was focused on the meetings I had in Israel and I saw the visit as a good thing for Romania. Unfortunately, Mr. President hasn’t understood that, that I didn’t need any mandate, I was in Israel to discuss certain agreements on economic development. The visit and the meeting with the Israeli premier was focused more on the economic side. We talked about investments, hospitals, medicine and a join government sitting in July. I was not for personal interests, as the president hinted,” Dancila argued.

As for the memorandum adopted recently by the Executive in Bucharest on relocating the Romanian embassy to Jerusalem, the PM explained it was the right decision for a debate platform was needed under which the president could be also consulted.

Dragnea: No reason for the PM to resign she still enjoys our support

In his turn, chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that there is no reason for Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to resign. “There is no reason for her to resign; she still has our support. We granted her the vote of confidence in Parliament,” Dragnea said, upon leaving the DNA headquarters, where he had been subpoenaed in the TelDrum file. Dragnea explained that prosecutors wanted to inform him that his request to be given the scanned file had been approved.

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