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PM Dancila replaces the chief of Romanian Police

The Chief of Police, Catalin Ionita, was replaced by Premier Viorica Dancila, his position is to be taken over by quaestor Ioan Buda, former head of the Border Police, according to a decision signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, published on Tuesday by the Official Gazette.

Also, another decision of the Prime Minister published by the Official Gazette is the mandate of quaestor Ioan Buda to take over the position so far held by Ionita, for a period of 6 months, ziare.com reports.

According to several news televisions, Catalin Ionita reportedly has resigned for personal reasons.

According to antena3.ro, quaestor Ioan Buda was involved in the scandal of custom bribes in 2011.

Buda graduated the Faculty for Mechanics with the Polytechnic Institute Cluj Napoca and has a diploma for legal studies issued by the Oradea University. During 2004-2005 he attended to post-university courses of management with the Police Academy and then the master in Strategic Management of Interior Affairs. In 2010 he graduated a master at the defence University Carol I.

While chief of Border Police, in 2011 he was accused by one of the Moravita border point, he was remanded for bribe giving and had the nickname of ‘queen of bribes’ from the customs, digi24.ro informs.

In 2017, Ion Buda was involved in a scandal, when Interior Minister Carmen Dan decided on an investigation, following the release, by the media, of a short movie in which the chief of control with the Border Police, Aurelian Miu, kneels before a table where several quaestors are present.

“Following the checks, it is not clear if Mr. Buda was present, there are people still to be heard, but it seems he was present at the event,” Minister Carmen Dan said at the time.

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