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PM Dancila sends letter to EC President Juncker, charges President Iohannis with calling for continued protests

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has sent a letter to European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junsker and to EC First Vice-president, Frans Timmermans, whereby she argues that the Gendarmerie acted by the law during the rally on August 10.

The Premier also charges President Klaus Iohannis with calling for continued protests, ziare.com informs, quoting the Media Investigation Centre journalist, Ovidiu Vanghelie.

PM Dancila wrote that the protest had no organisers and for this reason some protesters have acted violently.

“The event on August 10 has no organisers, reason for which some protesters took the opportunity to incite to violent actions, There were repeated attempts to enter the Government offices, of forcing the gendarmes’ lines and to intimidate. Within this context, the law enforcement forces made steps to stop the violence by the law and investigations have been started following the complaints filed by some protesters against certain deeds,” PM Dancila says.

“The rally on August 10 has become subject to intense political debate, most party leaders have appealed for calm and for isolating the disturbing forces. Nevertheless, there were voices calling for the protests to continue, accusing the state institutions, the law enforcement forces, the ones having the role, in all Member States, to protect the citizens against aggressions and violent actions. I believe that such attempts to oust a legitimate government can represent a dangerous precedent in the democratic states. Furthermore, the position of mediator between society, political forces and state institutions, which is the role of the President of Romania, according to the Constitution, has been ignored by him, who, on the contrary, charged the Government and made an appeal for the protests to continue,” the letter sent by PM Dancila reads.

According to the quoted sources, the letter was sent by the Premier without consulting her party, PSD.


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