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PM Grindeanu retorts to Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea
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PM Grindeanu retorts to Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea

PM Sorin Grindeanu retorted on Facebook to Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea (photo)’s criticism, stating that being a premier “is a huge responsibility” and that stability is needed in order to enforce the ruling programme.

The head of the Executive warns that PSD’s foes are outside the party, namely PNL and USR.

“To be prime minister is a huge responsibility, that I take seriously every second, since PSD did me the favour of entrusting me this position. Romania’s Government has understood the people’s needs and expectations, and now we can say we have economic growth-the highest in Europe-we keep our promises in our campaign, we have more jobs, more and more companies are setting up, the investors’ confidence is on the rise,” PM Grindeanu posted.

He also exemplified the World Bank’s improved prognosis on the 2017 economic growth, stating that the Gov’t has still more to do.

“For this we need stability, targets and priorities that we all share. PSD’s foes are outside the party. PNL and USR are facing serious leadership crises and a total lack of projects. To continue a good ruling, we need investments and enhanced relations in Europe and not only”, the PM concluded.

Bucharest mayoress Gabriela Firea told Antena 3 private channel on Sunday that PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea denounced he is not consulting with PM Sorin Grindeanu anymore, “like he used to”, also slamming the bad relation of the government with the City Hall, where projects “are coming up against a blank wall”.

“I don’t know the reasons for this situation, but I am concerned with the fact that the premier hasn’t got time to meet the party’s chairman”, Firea argued.

Firea also said that the Executive’s relation with the local administration is “worse” than during the Ciolos Government. Bucharest mayoress accused that the Gov’t refuses to support the administration in such fields as the Bucharest beltway and the subway.

Ex-PM Ponta takes stance against Firea

Ex-PM Victor Ponta chipped in the row between PM Grindeanu and Bucharest mayor Firea, posting on his blog that Traian Basescu as well, when he was Bucharest mayor, used to blame the Government for his failures, commenting that Basescu ran for Presidency afterwards, although he had said he wouldn’t. Ponta wondered if it’s such an emergency to change the Cabinet.

In retort, mayoress Gabriela Firea said she is not surprised by the reaction of the former premier Victor Ponta against her, revealing that Ponta hasn’t supported her either during the electoral campaign of the 2016 local elections.

“The reality is that if Mr. Ponta had still been PSD chairman, I wouldn’t have run for Bucharest city hall and I wouldn’t have been mayor. He gave me no support during the electoral campaign, he didn’t come up publicly or personally to encourage me, he would have probably liked another one as candidate, among his closest acquaintances. That’s why I am not surprised by his reaction against me. But I am surprised by Mr. Ponta’s stance regarding Bucharesters. Is he punishing them for they haven’t voted him at the presidential elections?,” Firea said.


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