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Ex-president Basescu to join PMP by October 10. He might run for Bucharest City Hall

PMP chairman Basescu denounces merger with UNPR

People’s Movement Party (PMP) chairman Traian Basescu, former president of Romania, has announced on Tuesday that he would propose that the merger with UNPR (the party formerly led by Gabriel Oprea)  should be denounced at the upcoming congress of the party.

We are ahead of congress. I will propose to denounce the merger with UNPR (…) The merger is getting toxic for the party. Moreover, the UNPR’s accounting is awful and if the merger was made we would take over some huge debts,” argued Basescu. He also said that some members of the UNPR have nothing to do with the PMP policy and have all sorts of unjustified demands related to their membership in the PMP. He added that some MPs coming from UNPR are undecided over their political option, and they just wait “to swing out near the elections”.

Former  president Traian Basescu announced the merger of PMP and UNPR in July 2016.

Several UNPR MPs have left for PSD. We don’t mind. Most of the MPs (the remaining ones – our note) do not have PSD as an option,” Basescu used to say back then.

Asked about the UNPR members’ legal problems and honourableness, Traian Basescu said: “Point me to one who is without honour. Gabriel Oprea is no more here. Serban Mihailescu has resigned from the party; I see no problem in this merger.”

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