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PNL National Council: Liberals adopt the principles of good governance

Following the speech of President Klaus Iohannis, the PNL unanimously adopted the “Principles of Good Governance” at the National Council held on Saturday, the 23-point document, which includes the principle of equality between the citizen and state institutions, of non-discrimination and equality before the law.

The stake of the National Council is related to the preparation for the European Parliamentary elections and the establishment of the criteria for nominating candidates from the party list. The elections for the European Parliament will be held in May 2019, the year in which the presidential elections in Romania also take place.

„The first step we take in fulfilling the vision of governance is this document. It is an extremely important document that shows how we want to govern Romania, relying on competence, professionalism, government teams which have a vision, objectives for people, a citizen-based government based on a law-making process, and no secondary legislation with laws to debate for decades. This principle is a guarantee to the citizen that we will govern Romania for the general interest and to solve all the problems of the citizens. This document is a starting point in which the specialized committees of each county can make their contribution,” PNL chairman, Ludovic Orban, said before the adoption of the document.

“The public authority must be sanctioned and /or amended in the same way as the citizen is when he fails to fulfil his obligations or delays their fulfilment,” the document reads.

Another principle provides for a balance between the main powers of the state and the avoidance of slippages from democracy.

At the same time, the document also shows that a legislative or administrative measure cannot be promoted unless it produces equal effects for citizens of all social categories. PNL also maintains, in the list of principles, that the use of emergency ordinances by the Executive must be limited to exceptional situations. Also, the normative acts of central and local public authorities should be as simple as possible.

“Legislative initiatives that have undergone a normal debate and adoption procedure must remain unchanged for many years and not be modified at least for the duration of the government mandate during which they were adopted,” the document reads.

PNL also favours promoting tax deductions that encourage investment in the economy and free enterprise rather than state aid.

“State aid policy must be limited to exceptional economic and social situations,” the document further reads.

Liberals promote the principle of early elections, “when governance becomes illegitimate”. They also say that the commitments made by Romania as an EU and NATO Member State and the strategic partnership with the US must be firmly respected.



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