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President slams ruling leaders during Europe’s Day reception: There are voices who blame Europe, Brussels for almost anything
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PNL National Council: President Iohannis accuses PSD of having the judiciary as target. We have an irrational Gov’t

The National Council of the National Liberal Party (PNL) met on Saturday at the Parliament Palace and President Klaus Iohannis also attended the meeting, upon the invitation of the party’s leader, Ludovic Orban. The head of the state, who comes from PNL, has attacked ruling PSD and the “irrational, even unrealistic” Government.

Iohannis resumed the harsh attacks on Liviu Dragnea and the Viorica Dăncilă cabinet, saying that their aim is only to control the judiciary. The President has also told the liberals to support him in the fight against the PSD abuses, adding that PNL has other opposition parties and the civil society to stand together.

President’s main statements:

– Starting with an X-ray of the general situation in Romania. I can say from the beginning that the situation is bad;

– the elections in 2016 were won by the PSD. They promised the Romanians that milk and honey will flow, that they will make the economy grow, that they will increase wages and pensions, everyone will have jobs and everyone will live better than never. That’s not what happened. They started working on something else;

– They started to dismantle the judiciary, this was PSD’s real priority. They tried to put on hold the anti-corruption fight. But it will continue;

– All opinion polls show that 80% of Romanians believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction;

– It is a catastrophic result, given that PSD took over a country with a strong economy. The explanation is as simple as possible;

– A politician named Dragnea with his acolytes have taken over the power in PSD, the Government and Parliament and are trying to use this power in personal interests to escape from justice. They do not care either about the country or the economy or the Romanians. He’s concerned about getting rid of the files. We haven’t had such a situation in Romania, it is is unacceptable in a European, democratic country. Unimaginable developments have started;

– People who dare to express their anti-PSD opinion are taken by the police. This has not happened since the dark years of communism. Have we returned there? Should we waste what generations of Romanians have built? I tell you NO. There are solutions. You are the most important part of this solution. I tell you, PNL is a powerful party, it has solutions and you are not alone;

– We’ve got an irrational government. Yesterday I had a discussion that made me think we even have an unrealistic government. If it were not sad, it would be laughable, but it is sad;

– A rational alternative is needed. You must do everything you can in order to restore normality and rationality;

– PNL needs to be a strong, strong party;

– I’ve struggled from the beginning for a strong, European, prosperous Romania. I struggle to contain the adverse effects of this PSD, I fight against the PSD abuses, I invite you to do the same. I am fighting and I ask you: are you with me in this fight?

Ruling party accuses President Iohannis of partisanship by attending PNL meeting

Social Democrats in their turn have accused the head of state that he is taken sides by attending the Liberals’ National Council.

Interior Minister, Social-Democrat Carmen Dan reproached the President for attending the Liberals’ meeting.

We witness another attack of the President, for we already got used to it. Mr. President does all that he can. President Iohannis ignores the Romanians’ votes by attending a political action of a certain political party, the Romanians should be represented by a politically independent head of state from all points of view,” said minister Dan, as quoted by stiripesurse.ro.

However, previous presidents as Traian Basescu or Ion Iliescu used to also attend political parties’ meetings, particularly those parties which had been previously headed by them before becoming presidents.


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