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Update: The child molester who was a police agent, author of another sexual aggression on a little girl in 2012. The Romanian Police head, the suspect's chief, sacked

Police agent arrested for pedophilia, decorated in 2012 by ex-president Basescu

Eugen Stan, the police agent arrested for several sexual aggression deeds on minors, was decorated by the former president Traian Basescu in 2012, with the order “Valour and Faith” for his involvement in the snow removal actions.

The leader of the SEX LEX National Policemen Federation, Florin Vilnei, said that Eugen Stan received that decoration in 2012. The decree published in the Official Gazette on July 2012 reads that the decoration was granted to the principal head police agent Stan Ion Eugen “at the proposal of the Interior minister, as a sign of appreciation for his direct involvement in countering the effects of the exceptional conditions during the winter 2011-2012, by saving human lives, clearing roads and helping the distressed population, for the exemplar achievement of the missions assigned during his career”.

The decree was signed by Traian Basescu on July 5, 2012, several days before being impeached from the president office.

Basescu’s explanation

In retort, former president Basescu told Mediafax new agency that a president is never asking for the files, and the lists with the proposals for decorations come from the ministries.

A president is never asking for the files. The ministries send lists for the decorations. It seems you have found the guilty now…Romania’s president,” Basescu stated.

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