President Iohannis slams PSD again over failed ruling

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President Klaus Iohannis had attended the PNL National Congress on Thursday evening, stating that the chain of serious errors that prompted the “terrible tragedy in Caracal” must not repeat, ever again. Iohannis has slammed the PSD ruling again, accusing it has failed from the economy and legislative point of view and it also failed in protecting the citizens of this country.

The Romanian President vowed to build another parliament majority after the general or snap elections if he won a new presidential mandate. According to Iohannis, the new majority will prioritize the projects to “normalize the state”.

Iohannis argued that the Caracal tragedy, with all its “profound implications” revealed “how serious is the damage inflicted to the state and to the citizens by the bankrupt policy of the ruling party”.

“PSD has betrayed the people’s vote. It is an economic, legislative failure to protect the citizens. Laws for criminals and money for the political clientele, contempt for people and continuous assault against the Romanian state. This is the balance sheet of the governments of the past years. PSD has promoted incompetence as state policy and mediocrity as the main condition in building careers across the public system,” the head of state added.

Iohannis called on the Liberals to join him in “rebuilding Romania”.

The vote I hope you’ll give me at the presidential election is a vote for this vision for the country. This vote will be respected! I will not designate any government that is not firmly assuming these actions! I assure you I will build a new majority following the parliamentary elections, either they will be on time or early elections. The new majority must focus on normalising Romania, to be pro-European and to endorse the anti-corruption fight”, further pointed out. Klaus Iohannis.

He underlined an audit is need in every state institution, arguing that the old structures should not be maintained anymore. Iohannis also said that the Romanian state must stop labeling foreign companies as enemies of the country.

Klaus Iohannis is running for Presidency in an attempt to secure a second mandate at Cotroceni. He is endorsed by the National Liberal Party (PNL).

PNL chairman Ludovic Orban has stated that the Liberals have the duty to secure Klaus Iohannis’s victory in the presidential election due on November 10.

PNL has won elections (editor note: European elections). we rank first in all opinion polls. The party is enjoying the highest share of confidence. PNL is president Iohannis’ partner, Klaus Iohannis is the political leader with the highest share of confidence, enjoys the best image abroad, he is our candidate to Romania’s Presidency,” Orban said.

“We have the duty for the Romanians to secure president Klaus Iohannis’ victory in the presidential election this year. We won a battle, we also need to win the war. Our target is to win all three upcoming elections: presidential, local and general elections,” he added.

PNl has also voted MEP Rares Bogdan for the position of PNL first vice-president, upon Orban”s proposal.

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