135 years of U.S.-Romanian diplomatic ties marked by anniversary exhibition

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Romania and U.S. continue to work side by side to face the world’s toughest challenges related to anti-corruption, counter-terrorism or the rule of law, said U.S. Charge d’Affaires Dean Thompson (photo) on Monday at an exhibition occasioned by the 135th anniversary of Romanian-American diplomatic relations.

„Today, 135 years later, our friendship is only deeper and stronger. Our nations continue to work side by side to face the world’s toughest challenges. For example, we cooperate closely on issues and programs related to rule of law, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorism. In addition, we have had numerous academic exchanges to and from both our countries in a multitude of arenas, such as corporate governance, public administration, and human trafficking. Furthermore, both of our nations are diverse and we strive to be inclusive and proud of that fact, recognizing diversity to be one of our greatest strengths”, Thomson said, according to a release of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

„We remain united and we pledge our commitment to equality, security, and freedom – world freedom (…) I will simply end by saying tonight is about celebrating the incredible strong bond and long standing friendship between the people of the United States and the people of Romania. Friends then, friends now, friends forever,” the American envoy concluded his speech.

In his turn, Romanian FM Bogdan Aurescu stated that deepening the Strategic Partnership with the U.S. is corresponding to Romania’s and Romanian citizens’ national interest to the highest degree, expressing hope the strategic partnership will also play a privileged part in the future’s foreign policy architecture.

„We are ready to explore, together with our American partners, all opportunities to fathom the bilateral collaboration in every of the ten cooperation fields, ranging from political, military and security level to enhancing bilateral economic relations, including in the view of the future Translantic Partnership Agreement for Commerce and Investments, to reinforcing the interaction on scientific and academic communities in both countries, as well as to Romania’s comprisal in Visa Waiver Program,” Aurescu said.

The event was held at Romania’s National Library, with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romanian – U.S. Fulbright Committee, National Geographic Romania and Esquire Romania.

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