2015 state budget law, constitutional. President promulgates it.

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Romanian Constitutional Court rejected the National Liberal Party’s complaint. 

The Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that the 2015 state budget law is constitutional, thus rejecting the complaint filed by the National Liberal Party, which challenged the law on the grounds that it lacked a fiscal-budgetary strategy and that it should have been tabled in Parliament until November 15.

President of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean said the criticism referred to the state budget law couldn’t be considered as a breach of the Constitution.“We cannot invent new sanctions for the Government’s or the Parliament’s actions (…) for they haven’t tabled the law in due time (…) We are sending the state budget law for promulgation at the Presidency,” Zegrean stated.

A few hours after the Constitutional Court’s ruling, President Iohannis promulgated the state budget law.

Liberal lawmakers have filed their complaint on the 2015 state budget law on December 22, a day after the Parliament had passed it, with 339 votes in favor and 141 against.

PM Victor Ponta warned back then that challenging the state budget law at the Constitutional Court would mean delaying all measures that have been adopted so far, including pensions rise and the lower 9 pc VAT for all-inclusive tourism packages. The liberals fired back, arguing the prime minister was lying and that “there is no danger of not giving people the rights that are foreseen by the budget law”.

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