2019 draft budget, postponed in Parliament for next year. Vote on the pensions law also cancelled


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The votes on the 2019 draft budget and the pensions law have been postponed in Parliament on Wednesday over problems with the ruling majority in Parliament.

The Government has officially invoked that in the case of the draft budget the bill hasn’t the CSAT go-ahead, as the sitting had been suspended on Tuesday, with a new sitting due on December 19. The stake would be the budget of the ministries in the defense and security sectors.

The draft budget was scheduled to be voted in Parliament tomorrow. The Executive argues that if the CSAT go-ahead is missing the draft could be challenged to the Constitutional Court and declared unconstitutional.

However, the main reason is that the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition has lost its majority in parliament following the rows in the Social Democrat Party and the ousting of some members or after some other Social Democrats had left the party and joined other groups or remained independent.

This has been the reason for which the final vote on the pensions law had been also postponed. Voices from the Opposition revealed that PSD had not managed to ensure enough votes for the bill to pass.

USR deputy Cristina Pruna said that the sign-in sheet of today’s session reveals that UDMR and the national minorities had actually provided the quorum for  the ruling coalition.

Subsequently, ALDE chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu argued there is no problem with the majority, but it is just an issue of attendance of that specific session of Wednesday. He avoided answering if the pensions law would be adopted this session. „I cannot say. I am at the Senate. Will you ask the colleagues in the Chamber of Deputies?” he told journalists.

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