237 signatures collected for the censure motion

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The censure motion, entitled “To re-build Romania, Dancila Government must be removed immediately“, will be filed in Parliament on Monday, September 30.

Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban said that 237 signatures had been collected and that PNL is still negotiation with other 10 MPs to endorse the motion, including with lawmakers from the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD).

According to the draft motion, the Opposition parties say that Dancila Cabinet can be called “the government of the missed opportunities for Romania”.

“Dancila Government can be called the government of the missed opportunities for Romania. Although our country has crossed a favorable economic period, with major growth rates, the PSD governments have not started any major project for the Romanian infrastructure. It is very easy to secure loans for the country, known that the bill of these loans will be paid by the next generations. It is extremely serious that nothing has been built with the money whose burdensome interests we are all paying. The PSD Government could have invested part of this money at least in one of the priority investments sectors of Romania. Some of these projects are seen right in the pledges PSD made in 2016, when they ripped off the Romanians’ votes through fraud”, reads the censure motion’s text.

The signatories also denounced that Romania had lost almost EUR 6.4 billion of EU funds allotted to Romania, mentioning the failure of the highway projects.

“Unfortunately for Romania and the Romanians, Dancila government had the lowest allotments for investments in the past 15 years, reported to the Gross Domestic Product. If the total volume of investments stood at 38% in 2008, it declined to only 22% at present. There no new highways built, they are only drafted on the country’s map and they are just promises. According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Finances for the first seven months of the year, public investment, as percentage of GDP, will reach a record low in 2019 in the past two decades“, the draft also points out.

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