2nd round of consultations on referendum, President seeks political pact. PSD, PMP, ALDE, Pro Romania proposals


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President Klaus Iohannis has held the second round of consultations with the political parties at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday on the steps to be taken to transpose the referendum on justice in the Constitution.

The first party that entered discussions was the People’s Movement Party (PMP), followed by ALDE, Pro Romania, national minorities group and the last one, Social Democrat Party (PSD).

After the talks, the head of state has announced that he is inviting all parties to sign a political pact to reinforce Romania’s pro-European course.

Romanians have voted against anti-European approach addressed before the elections. We, Romanians, wanted to be in the European Union, this does not reduce our sovereignty at all.

I saw there is a wide convergence, that results must be enforced, that the European route must be reinforced, therefore, to capitalize this vote, I decided to invite parties to sign a national agreement, a political pact for European Romania: to transpose the ban of amnesty and pardon in the legislation, as well as the revision of justice laws in compliance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission,” President Iohannis said.

Talks with PSD

 What did the parties propose?


PSD interim president, PM Viorica Dancila, has proposed the head of state to set up a parliamentary group led by Chamber speaker Marcel Ciolacu, in order to start talks with the parties to enforce the referendum results.

Dancila also added that Social Democrats would like the referendum on the Constitution revision not to overlap other elections, for it breaks the Venice Commission’s recommendations.

The PMP delegation consisting of chairman Eugen Tomac, Marius Paşcan, Petru Movilă, Ioana Constantin and Robert Turcescu, told President Iohannis that the enforcement of the referendum on justice must go along with the one of the referendum of 2009 on the decrease of MPs.

Consultations with PMP, presidency.ro

Our stance on the referendum is very clear. PMP asks that the result of the referendum is transposed in the legislation as soon as possible. And we also consider that the referendum of 2009 should also be implemented. We think that this institution must not neglected. We need a Parliament with 300 lawmakers,” Eugen Tomac said after the consultations.

The PMP leader also said that his party endorses the version that Romanians in Diaspora could have two days to vote in elections, amid scandal of queues during the recent EP elections.

PMP is asking a two-day vote for Diaspora. PMP has already filed a draft law in this regard”, Tomac said.

Talks with ALDE

The second party received by President Iohannis, ALDE, has voiced the opinion that the referendum to revise the Constitution must be held separately from elections, so that it cannot influence the results of the ballot.

The referendum to revise the Constitution must be organised immediately, not with the next elections, for we won’t tolerate this trick that has worked once. I don’t want to use again the referendum to distort the result of elections”, ALDE chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu argued.

Moreover, ALDE leader informed the head of state that his party agrees the two questions asked at the referendum, but not with extending the right of other institutions to notify CCR on emergency ordinances.

I explained the President that we have serious reservations on extending the right to refer the CCR over the emergency ordinances, due to a simple reason. For it would prompt an extremely weakened government that could not exert its executive office anymore. And more seriously, we would turn CCR into a political referee”, Tariceanu added.

The relation between President Klaus Iohannis and Calin Popescu Tariceanu is extremely tense after the head of state had harshly criticised the Senate’s vote to protect Tariceanu against DNA’s criminal investigation in a corruption file.

According to Digi24, there has even been an awkward moment today before the start of the consultations at Cotroceni, after Tariceanu refused to stand up before the President’s arrival in the room, as the Presidency’s protocol stipulates.

After that, Tariceanu explained: “I don’t see why I should be standing until the President arrives. When the president entered the room I stood up and I greeted him politely, in compliance with the protocol.

Pro Romania represented by Daniel Constantin said its parliamentary group will endorse the censure motion against Dancila Cabinet and that it is working on a draft together with the initiators. Pro Romania currently has 24 MPs.

As for the referendum, Daniel Constantin mentioned that he had presented Iohannis the amendments that Pro Romania would want to be included in the Constitution revision draft, including the ones defining the serious violation of the Constitution.

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