30,000 persons marched in Chisinau for the union with Romania

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30,000 persons, ordinary citizens, members and supporters of the unionist platforms on Sunday gathered in the Square of Great National Assembly in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, asking for the union with Romania.

The unionists will march on foot on Str??eni-Lozova-C?l?ra?i-Corne?ti-Ungheni route up to the border with Romania in the upcoming days. They are expected to cross Prut River in Saturday, July 11, at 10:00 in an attempt of large-scale remake of the Flowers Bridge initiated in early 90s, after R. of Moldova separated from the former Soviet Union and became an independent state.

Participants will cross the border and will tour Transylvania and Muntenia by coach and by train, with the demonstration ending in Bucharest.

The organizers are inviting anyone to join the march, as all the actions are authorized and the transport and accommodation are provided.

It is for the first time in the past few years when a unionist event has such a wide popular support, tvr.ro informs.

At the same time, also on Sunday, former Romanian president Traian Basescu, who has repeatedly voiced his stance in favor of the union during his term, re-launched the debate on Romania’s territorial recovery, saying the union with Romania is Moldova’s “only viable option” in the current economic and political context.

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