42pc of Romanians would still vote PSD, survey says

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Although it is talking about early elections, the Opposition would have small chance of winning the vote, according to a survey conducted by the Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS).

Sociological research shows that currently 42% of Romanians would still vote for PSD, by 3.5% less than in December 2016. In addition, the social-democrats have lost one percent in opinion polls since November 2017, stiripesurse.ro informs.

The most important increase in polls is for PNL, the share of potential voters has reached 27%.

ALDE is now more appreciated by voters, with 9% of them expressing the intention to vote this party. The figure indicates a 3% increase in the polls.

In the event of early elections, USR would be voted by only 5% of the population, as compared to 9% in 2016.

PMP and UDMR would be voted by 6% of the population.

Platform Romania 100, promoted by former PM Dacian Ciolos and Pro Romania, promoted by former PM Victor Ponta, would get 2% each.

According to CURS, only 57% of respondents have expressed a clear option. 45% were undecided or did not answer.


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