7 new MPs commit to vote for the censure motion, PNL to count on 244 votes. What the PM says?

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Seven more lawmakers have pledged to sign the censure motion against the Dancila Cabinet, so the National Liberal Party is counting on a total of 244 votes, Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban has announced on Sunday.

“I had a lot of talking with members of the Parliament who hadn’t signed the censure motion and we currently have (…) even commitments to vote the motion of yet another seven MPs. Which I believe – 237 plus 7 makes it 244 – it is a rather comfortable number. (…) The difficulty of the negotiations for this censure motion mainly consisted in the number of actors who had to gather to sustain this approach, on the one hand, and on the other hand, because of the differences of opinions among these factors on several issues. All of these differences have been put aside. I believe that now all of the political parties  that have committed to backing this step are fully mobilised to ensure the censure motion’s success,” Ludovic Orban told a press conference.

He also said he has no fear about the way the MPs of the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) will cast their vote.

In his turn, UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor confirmed Orban’s statements, stating that his party will back the government formed around PNL provided the motion passed, but underlined the Magyars are not currently interested in joining ruling, so, they won’t condition the vote in any way, arguing it would be a transitional government anyway until the general elections next year.

Ludovic Orban has also informed that he’s got information that the current Dancila Government is trying through behind-the-scenes negotiations to hamper the vote. “It is a crime to offer money to some PMs in order to convince them change their political stance on the motion“, PNL chair said.

From the other camp, PM Viorica Dancila said in Vaslui on Sunday that she is not nervous about the censure motion, as she “is counting on the good faith people who know what stability means in Romania”.

Dancila said that after the censure motion she will come before the Parliament with a Gov’t reshuffle.

On Monday, the prime minister revealed she had talked to the PSD MPs who signed the motion and asked them to be more responsible. She claimed they will not be sanctioned.

Dancila said she had also discussed with some ALDE and Pro Romania lawmakers, while accusing Victor Ponta, the Pro Romania leader of lying.

She also denied she would have bribed some MPs with money or positions to not vote for the motion.

ALDE, Pro Romania already talk about a new PM

ALDE leader, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu has revealed that they will back a PNL candidate for the PM position if the censure motion passes, arguing he doesn’t favour a technocrat government, but rather a political one.

In his turn, Pro Romania chairman Victor Ponta said he will propose to his former PSD colleagues several names for the PM who is not enrolled in any political party, to form a PSD-ProRomania-ALDE Cabinet. He wouldn’t though reveal those names, and moreover underlined that Pro Romania will remain in Opposition if PNL and USR decide to come to power.

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