70% of Romanians want a change of Government, BCS survey reads

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Almost 70% of Romanians believe the Viorica Dancila cabinet should be changed, a survey conducted by the Bureau for Social Research (BCS) reads, conducted upon the request of the People’s Movement Party (PMP). 70% is also the share in which Romanians do not have confidence in Liviu Dragnea.

BCS is one of the few institutes which revealed correct opinion polls at the presidential elections in 2014, adevarul.ro reports.

The survey reads that 70% of Romanians don’t have confidence in PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and 68% in Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. 45% don’t have confidence in ALDE leader, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

President Klaus Iohannis benefits from: very much confidence – 12%, a lot of confidence – 28%, little confidence – 26%, no confidence – 24%.

69% of the interviewees say they do not have confidence in the Government and it should be changed, 21% say the Government should stay and 10% do not know.

As for the options for the political parties, the opinion poll points out that 28.7% of the Romanians who will come to the polls will vote for PNL, 21.5% will vote for PSD, 9.2%-PMP, 8.5%-ALDE and 8% for USR.

In the view of the presidential elections, 19.1% of the respondents would vote a candidate endorsed by PNL in the first round of elections, and 14.4% a PSD candidate. 6.2% would vote for a PMP candidate, 5.7% for ALDE, 5.3% for USR, 5% for Pro Romania, 3% for UDMR, 2% for the candidate of another party. 29.3% are still undecided and 3.9% said they will not vote.

The survey was conducted on 1,087 people aged above 18, living in 128 urban and rural localities in all counties.

The interviews were conducted at the domicile of the interviewees. The survey is representative for the adult population in the country, with an error margin of +/-3%. The survey was conducted during November 27-December 5, 2018, financed by the People’s Movement Foundation.

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