7th day of war: Kharkiv under siege, hundreds allegedly died in Mariupol following bombing. Zelensky: Russia lost 6,000 soldiers


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Latest: The Ukrainian port city of Mariupol is suffering massive losses and is facing a disruption of drinking water in the context of repeated attacks by Russian forces, the mayor of the city, Vadim Boichenko, told Ukrainian television, quoted by The Guardian.

A residential district in the city in which more than 130,000 people normally live has been “almost completely destroyed” by Russian forces, Deputy Mayor Sergii Orlov said, adding that “at least hundreds of people have died.”

“The enemy occupation forces of the Russian Federation have done everything to block the exit of civilians from the city of half a million inhabitants,” the mayor said. He said Russian forces had been bombarding them continuously for 12 hours. “We can’t even take the wounded from the streets, from houses and apartments today, since the bombing does not stop,” the official said.


Russian paratroopers landed in Kharkov and attacked one of the city’s military hospitals, according to the Ukrainian Independent Intelligence Agency and Ukrainian military officials. Witnesses say the bombing intensified in the city on Tuesday.

At least 21 people have been killed and 112 injured in the bombing of Kharkov, the region’s governor was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

During the night, Ukrainian defense positions were “constantly under enemy fire – from aviation, artillery and firearms,” ​​Oleg Sinegubov wrote on Facebook. He said that the north-eastern and northern parts of the city had been attacked and confirmed that an attack had taken place on a military hospital.

On the other hand, Moscow says her forces have taken control of the country’s first major city, Kherson, in the south.

Nearly 6,000 Russian soldiers killed in six days of war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday

Meanwhile, a second round of talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials is scheduled for Wednesday, after the first talks between the two sides, which took place on Monday, ended without a concrete conclusion. Yet, Turkey says Russia and Ukraine delegation is unlikely to negotiate on Wednesday because Vladimir Putin’s claims are “unrealistic”.

However, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba has avoided confirming that a second round of talks with Russia will take place on Wednesday, as Moscow had previously suggested, EFE reports. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post,” Kuleba says on Facebook.



A large-scale attack was launched by Russia in Zhitomir, a city in western Ukraine. Several images that have been made public show that the maternity ward and houses have been hit.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on Wednesday that the country was ready to receive Stinger and Javelin missiles from abroad, as well as another transport of Turkish drones.

In Bucha, near Kyiv a Russian convoy of tanks was destroyed.

As protests against war continued in Russia, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba claims that five children between the ages of 7 and 11 have been arrested in Moscow for displaying the message “No to war”. “Putin is waging a war on children. In Ukraine, where rockets hit kindergartens and orphanages, and in Russia. David and Sofia, 7, Matvei, 9, Gosa and Liza, 11, spent the night behind bars in Moscow for “No War” posters. The man is so scared, “Dmitro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

UN: At least 136 civilians killed so far

The UN reports that at least 136 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last Thursday. Among them would be 13 children.

Liz Throssell, a spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the actual death toll was likely to be much higher. Throssell said most were killed by heavy artillery shelling, air strikes and explosions. The UN says more than 400 people have been injured in the fighting so far.

Figures released by the Ukrainian government suggest that 352 civilians have been killed and 1,684 injured.

6yo girl killed by bombing in Mariupol, tough images

A six-year-old girl was killed in a Russian attack on the port city of Mariupol, which the Russian Federation forces hit with rockets in recent days.

The girl was at a supermarket on the outskirts of the city, together with her parents, when the bombing started, writes CNN, which quotes AP. After the bombing, the girl was taken to a hospital in Mariupol. Outside, his mother was crying in front of the ambulance. Next to her, the girl’s father, full of blood. A team of doctors took the girl and tried to save her life.

The girl was placed on a stretcher and taken to the hospital, where doctors and nurses fought to resuscitate her. However, it could not be saved. A doctor pumping oxygen and trying to resuscitate her turned to the camera and said, “Show that to Putin. The eyes of this child and the weeping doctors. “

Ukrainian ordinary people trying to stop Russians from advancing

Dozens of people blocked Russian military equipment with their own troops to prevent the Russians from advancing on Ukrainian territory. The images were filmed this morning in two cities, one of them in the separatist region of Lugansk, whose independence was recognized by Vladimir Putin before giving the order to invade Ukraine.

The town of Starobilsk, near Lugansk, was conquered by the Russians. However, dozens of people took to the streets and blocked the road to stop the column of Russian tanks.

The same thing happened in Erhodar and Melitopol in southern Ukraine. The unarmed men stood in front of the Russian armored vehicles.


Sanctions and effects going on

Energy giant ExxonMobil and the Boeing aviation group have joined the list of entities that are sanctions Russia after invading Ukraine.

Nike closes its online store in Russia / The big Disney, Warner and Sony movie studios are boycotting the Russian market.

In retort, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, says it is withdrawing from Europe due to sanctions.

Germany is ready if Russia ceases to export gas, says Berlin Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

The ruble is down again in Russia, moving towards new lows, and in foreign markets it is even weaker, dropping to 118 units for one euro

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is in a hurry to sell his luxury properties in London – a British MP says.

The U.S. is also targeting the Russian oligarchs. We will find and confiscate their yachts, luxury apartments, private jets,” said President Biden.

As such, Russia’s richest man is now an EU sanctions target. Alexei Mordasho has investments ranging from London-listed travel giant Tui to the ‘personal bank’ of senior Russian officials, The Guardian reports. Later on on Wednesday it was announced that Mordashov resigned from the TUI Supervisory Board, whose main shareholder he is, given that he is subject to the sanctions imposed by the European Union after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The United States has announced that it will ban all Russian flights in US airspace, following the EU and Canada.

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