ACL designates Klaus Iohannis its presidential candidate


The joint National Political Bureau of the ACL Christian Liberal Alliance of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) designated PNL’s national leader Klaus Iohannis ACL’s presidential candidate. Iohannis said that in case he wins the presidential elections he will guarantee Romania’s path in terms of foreign policy and justice independence. ‘There are two areas, in which, as Romania’s president, I shall guarantee and defend everything that has been achieved over the recent years. The first one is related to our foreign policy and our fundamental options – the strategic partnership with the USA, namely, and our NATO and EU membership. We can discuss details, projects on the qualitative increase of Romania’s contribution to these mechanisms, but Romania’s orientation to the West, to the Occident, its strategic ally statute are unnegotiable. The second area is concerned with the justice independence and its correct functioning. It undoubtable is a gain of the past few years, which must be defended and consolidated,’ Iohannis said after his designation. ‘I want less spectacle, less commotion and more seriousness in exercising the presidential office,’ Iohannis said, pointing out that he proposes Romanians a decade of prosperity and rule of law.
Iohannis also said he counts on the backing of a team of over 1,500 mayors, county council chairs and thousands of locally elected officers. ‘With such a force three is no excuse for us not winning the presidential election,’ said Iohannis. He also thanked PDL’s Catalin Predoiu for ‘elegance in the battle to designate the presidential candidate of ACL,’ saying he is convinced Predoiu will be an important supporter of his presidential bid. However, Catalin Predoiu was designated ACL’s prime minister candidate.
Iohannis is to be officialy launched as ACL candidate for the presidential election on September 27, in Bucharest.

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