Adina Vălean, the first Romanian MEP elected as chairman of a parliamentary committee with the European Parliament


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Romanian MEP Adina Vălean has been elected on Monday as chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. The Liberal MEP was voted by acclamation at the beginning of the committee sitting early Monday afternoon. It is the first time a Romanian MEP takes over the position of chairman of a parliamentary committee with the European Parliament, an article posted on reads.

“The confidence of my colleagues in the committee in me, expressed by vote, honours me and, at the same time, makes me more responsible for the countless important files on legislation in the second half of my term. I wish for an excellent collaboration with the other political parties in the EP in order to promote essential bills for the health and safety of European citizens,” Adina Valean said.

“Public health, environment protection and food safety are fields of vital importance for individuals and for communities and, the safest they are, the better will be their future. I will continue to represent and fight for Romania’s interest from this new position,” the PNL MEP said.

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