After Ecaterina Andronescu, Mihai Tudose too believes serious debates are needed in PSD

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Former PSD Prime Minister, Mihai Tudose, believes that there is a need for a ‘civilized’ discussion in the party’s leadership on the issues raised by Senators Ecaterina Andronescu and Niculae Badalau in the open letters addressed to the party.

“I believe there is a need for a discussion in the party and not only on the themes brought up by Mrs. Andronescu. Before that it was Mr. Badalau’s letter in January. It was not discudded either. Maybe he was wrong, but let’s talk within the party, with a civilized tone, with the pros and cons, no one owns the absolute truth,” Mihai Tudose said on Thursday, commenting on the open letter in which PSD Senator Ecaterina Andronescu calls for a better Government and the resignation of the leader of the party, Liviu Dragnea, reports, quoting mediafax.

Mihai Tudose also described as “nonsense” the gesture of the PSD county leaders who criticized Ecaterina Andronescu.

“I do not understand how some of my colleagues can publicly criticize the public view. Well, doesn’t it seem like nonsense? Several letters that publicly criticize public views? Let’s discuss this in the party. We can either agree or disagree with someone’s opinion, but Mrs. Andronescu has not used a hurtful tone to anyone, it is her opinion,” Mihai Tudose said.

The PSD National Executive Committee is expected to have a sitting later this month or in early September.

Outstanding social-democrat member, Senator Ecaterina Andronescu, former Education Minister, called on Tuesday for the resignation of PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea. It was a first in the party, the first such request addressed to the leader. Andronescu argued that he should take a step back so that he does not ‘set the country and the party on fire’.

“I am making a very responsible appeal to all the colleagues in decisional positions in PSD, to all those who have had such positions in PSD and to the incumbent PSD chairman, Mr. Liviu Dragnea, to not set on fire the country and PSD,” the open letter sent by Andronescu reads, according to

“For Romania’s welfare and for the good of PSD, the party chairman must take a step back, to prove responsibility and maturity and to act courageously and in political dignity and to withdraw from the party’s helm. There are enough reasons, we all know them and I will not enumerate them now,” Andronescu wrote.

The Senator mentions the tensions in the country and says that PSD cannot blame the others all the time. Furthermore, Ecaterina Andronescu accuses the poor professionalism of the current government.


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