ALDE announces that its partnership with Pro Romania is over

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The alliance between Pro Romania and ALDE is over, ALDE spokesperson Varujan Vosganian has announced in a Facebook post today.  ALDE and Pro Romania joined forces to endorse Mircea Diaconu in the presidential election, who has got around 9 pc according to the latest results announced by the Electoral Bureau.

Today, our electoral alliance with Pro Romania is over Each party is going its own way”, says Vosganian.

The breakup comes in a tense moment for Pro Romania, after chairman Victor Ponta had clashed with two of the co-founders of the party, Sorin Campeanu and Daniel Constantin after the they had voted the Orban Cabinet despite Ponta’s orders.

However, politically speaking, ALDE and Pro Romania have different stances. While ALDE has voted the Orban Cabinet and is in advanced talks with the Liberals, Pro Romania has opposed the new government, even if 7 Pro Romania MPs have voted the investiture. They have been suspended from the party later on.

Among the suspended members there was also Daniel Constantin, founding member of Pro Romania and former first vice-president. After being suspended, Constantin filed his resignation. He also opposed the Pro Romania’s alliance with ALDE and slammed the fact Pro Romania didn’t have its own candidate for Presidency.

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