ALDE nominates its own candidate for Presidency. Will it break the coalition with PSD?

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ALDE, PSD’s ruling partner, has voted on Wednesday that the party chairman, Călin Popescu Tăricean, to be the candidate running for Presidency. The decision has been unanimous.

Tăriceanu has announced he would run in the presidential election, endorsed by ALDE, and slammed PSD’s decision to have its own candidate, namely Viorica Dancila, saying this move “is disappointing”. Yet, he said he would not break the coalition with the Social Democrats. ALDE leader added he is set to reach the runoffs.

“As you know, there has been an old debate within the ruling coalition to designate a common candidate who should have been proposed based on objective sociological statistics. The results were very clear, over 80%, that I should have been that common candidate. Unfortunately, PSD and Mrs Dancila told me that PSD is a too big party not to have his own candidate. Not having a candidate doesn’t mean the party is smaller. I think there is a defeatist air inside PSD, meaning they don’t think they could win elections“, Tariceanu pointed out, stressing that PSD’s move to nominate Viorica Dancila as their candidate is disappointing.

“I talked to Mrs Dancila and to Mr Ponta asking them to endorse me, unfortunately PSD doesn’t want that,” ALDE leader argued, yet saying that going on separate ways does not mean that PSD and ALDE are calling off their ruling coalition.

Asked if he considers withdrawing from the presidential race at some point and endorse Viorica Dăncilă, Călin Popescu Tăriceanu denied: “No, and if Mrs Dăncilă has some hope in this respect, I can tell her now to not expect such a decision”.

Moreover, Tariceanu lobbied for Pro Romania’s also joining ruling, as Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta had previously stated that they cannot team up with ALDE as long as Tariceanu’s party stays in power alongside PSD.

Ex-PM Mihai Tudose, split opinion

However, Ponta said on Tuesday that he would join ruling if the Dancila cabinet is reshuffled, to have less ministries (maximum 20 ministers) and a more solid public administration restructuring.

Yet, Ponta is countered by its own party members, as former PM Mihai Tudose, who resigned from PSD and joined Pro Romania early this year, has totally rejected any collaboration with PSD.

Tudose told Digi24 that Ponta had not consulted with Pro Romania members before negotiations with PM Dancila on Monday, when the premier proposed Ponta to join ruling as of September in exchange of several ministries.

“I don’t understand, why have I left PSD in the first place? I haven’t left just because of Dragnea. Rumours said that Dancila would have wanted to resign when Dragnea was chairman, but Dragnea did not accept her resignation. Now, as Dragnea is gone, she can resign, why won’t she resign? How come, Dancila is suddenly so smart and we are endorsing her for Presidency? What, are we crazy?” Tudose said.

The former prime minister said he doesn’t agree to endorse Tariceanu either, as his party has got 4 % in the EP elections, while lobbying for Pro Romania to have its own Cotroceni runner.

ALDE will not vote the budget rectification, Tariceanu warns

On the other hand, although ALDE will stay in power next to PSD, Tariceanu said they would not vote for the budget rectification if PM Dancila doesn’t discuss with him on this topic.

Many colleagues are discontent over the reports in the coalition. I also told Mrs Dancila, the coalition must function in a different way. I wait for the prime minister to invite us for a talk on the budget rectification, otherwise, my colleagues told me they would not vote the rectification,” Tariceanu announced.

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