ALDE’s Tariceanu rules out the option of emergency ordinance to amend the Criminal Codes. UDMR also against GEO


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Senate Speaker and ALDE leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu (photo 1), said on Monday that he rules out the option of a possible Government Emergency Ordinance to amend the Criminal Codes.

Tariceanu said the parliamentary path should be continued and that the assuming of responsibility by the Government for amending the criminal law would not take place either, informs.

“We haven’t discussed any kind of ordinance to amend the Codes. It’s out of the question. I can tell you officially that we will go exclusively on the path of parliamentary debate, not to assume responsibility. We are going on the path to the parliamentary debate,” Tariceanu said.

He said that at the ruling coalition’s sitting on Monday, with Liviu Dragnea and Viorica Dancila, the topic of amending the Codes was not approached.

“The Minister of Justice is drafting a document that the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry for European Affairs will communicate to the European partners. This document aims at summarizing the amendments on the Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code to be adopted,” he said.

The ALDE leader believes that there is a need for fair, objective information about what is going on in Parliament, because he has seen a series of false news about some so-called amendments pending.

PSD deputy chair, Gabriela Firea, Mayor General of the capital city, announced on Friday that this week the PSD lawyers will consider the possibility of amending the Criminal Codes by GEO.

UDMR against amending Criminal Codes by emergency ordinance

UDMR Senator, Cseke Attila, has said on Monday that the party does not support the amendment of the Criminal Codes by emergency ordinance, noting that these important legislative projects must be passed by Parliament.

“We have no formal or informal signals about the possibility of issuing emergency ordinances on this topic. As a matter of principle, I can tell you that UDMR did not support and did not agree with the amendments by emergency ordinance in this field, but also in other fields. We had the same stance when the technocrat government modified the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code by emergency ordinance and the same attitude about Emergency Ordinance 13. We have Parliament, there is a majority that can pass important legislative drafts, this field is too important to change them by emergency ordinance,” Cseke Attila said, before attending the Senate Standing Bureau.

Asked if the assuming of responsibility would be an acceptable option for UDMR, he reiterated that this field should remain the prerogative of Parliament.

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