Alina Gorghiu, sole chair of the National Liberal Party

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The Liberals decided on Saturday night that Alina Gorghiu should be the only chair of the party until the congress, while Arad mayor, Gheorghe Falca was appointed the leader of the party’s electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections due on December 11.

The National Liberal Party’ decisions come after the former co-chair Vasile Blaga resigned from the party’s helm following prosecutors’ investigation against him for influence peddling.

Blaga stated that after a serious debate, the former Democrat Liberals decided to give up the PNL presidentship and that the party be headed by co-chair Alina Gorghiu solely. The decision was passed by one vote against and four abstentions.

MEP Daniel Buda was authorized to sign the party tickets for the December elections on the part of the former PD-L.

“For we are in fact only one party, we decided to give up the party’s co-chairmanship and that PNL have only one chair, Alina Gorghiu. I am convinced we have chosen the best solution (…) I think it’s the most correct way,” Blaga said.

As for Gorghiu, she said that the sole chair position is no easy task, and that is going to be harder from now on, as “the burden” has been shared so far.

The former Democrat Liberals convened at the party’s main HQs on Saturday at 3 p.m. to decide on appointing a co-chair to replace resigning Vasile Blaga.

Party sources previously disclosed that Gheorghe Flutur was the favourite for this position, endorsed by Blaga, but Flutur totally rejected the idea of taking over it. As a matter of fact, Flutur was not even present at the Liberals’ meeting, as he went to a fair in Germany.

Several other options have been also considered, among whom Adriana Saftoiu, Catalin Predoiu, Daniel Buda and Gheorghe Falca. Predoiu for instance said that Blaga had never proposed him the co-chair position.

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