Ambassadors of Germany and France: Leave aside the internal struggles. You underestimate your capabilities and opportunities

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The Ambassadors of France and Germany, Michele Ramis and Cord Meier-Klodt, have advised Romania to leave aside the internal struggles and take advantage of the opportunities given by the presidency of the EU Council next year. The diplomats said Romania has the potential to play a crucial role in the region, in an international context full of challenges, informs.

During a meeting occasioned by the Film and History Festival in Rasnov, French Ambassador Michele Ramis said the European Union is currently facing challenges from inside and from outside – terrorism, immigration, scepticism, violation of international laws.

“All these are building a new context. We face surprises, which are also opportunities. My concern is on the way we can defend our unique democratic model,” Michela Ramis said on Saturday.

Both France and Germany said they are committed to support Romania in preparing and taking over the EU Council presidency.

“We believe the EU Council presidency will give Romania a new perspective that it should leave aside the internal struggles and be constant in its value, taking advantage of the opportunity. You underestimate your capabilities and opportunities. I’d like Romania to turn to Romania,” Ambassador Ramis said.

In his turn, German Ambassador Meier-Klodt said “the NATO and the European Union should not be considered as an earned asset, we need to fight for them if we want to have what we have achieved and to continue to shape our world, if not we would let others shape it.”

The German Ambassador added that the EU is facing challenges. “From Europe’s perspective, the main challenges are Russia, China’s expansion in terms of interests and the numerous crises. The new policy ‘America first’ of President Trump, regarding Europe, should be seen as a fresh challenge. This principle ‘Me First’ is found in all European countries and is a new one, we should deal with it.”

“We shouldn’t kid ourselves on the challenges. It’s not about new political characters, they may come and they may go, but about a tectonic movement in our society, which makes such political characters more obvious,” Ambassador Meier-Klodt said.

“Keep Romania on the path of progress,” he added. “Romania has the potential to achieve a crucial role in this equation, as European country, with no polarization. It is placed in central Europe, mentally. The EU Council presidency offers a unique opportunity, you’d better not miss it,” the German envoy said.

Romania is to take over the EU Council presidency for six months as of January 1, 2019, twelve years after joining the EU.

photo: Rasnov film festival, Facebook


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