Amendments to the Chamber of Deputies regulation, adopted in spite of the vehement criticism from the opposition

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The Plenum of the Chamber of Deputies has voted on Wednesday to amend the Chamber’s regulation, which stipulates that if one of the amendments has been accepted, the other amendments would be rejected, although opposition parties PNL, USR and PMP have vehemently criticized the demarche.

The draft bill amending the regulation was adopted by 176 votes in favour and 88 against.

After the vote, USR deputy Lucian Stanciu Viziteu stuck a red cross over his mouth and accused the ruling PSD of dictatorial behaviour.

After the vote, PNL Deputy Raluca Turcan accused that this change “is putting an end” to democracy. “Today, PSD, ALDE and UDMR have set up the framework so that a criminal group of interests could decide at will to save their own files from prosecution.”

“You have not closed the lawmakers’ mouth, you have closed the Romanians’ mouth,” PMP MP Ionut Simionca said.

USR Deputy Stelian Ion has criticized the general debates, claiming the plenum does not know what it is voting for, because the Regulation Committee’s report referring to this amendment is not accessible to the Deputies.

PMP deputy Robert Turcescu also criticized the fact that the MPs do not have access to the report.

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