Anca Alexandrescu, replaced as PM’s honorary aide

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Anca Alexandrescu has been replaced from the position of the Prime Minister’s honorary adviser. PM Dancila has explained that she had taken this decision for a better communication is need in the Social Democrat Party (PSD) during the electoral campaign and Anca Alexandrescu is the right person for that and that’s why she returns to work for the party.

We are on campaign and it is good to have a good communication at the party.  We must enhance the communication in the party and strengthen the team (…) She will take care of the internal party communication for any party must use all its tools in the campaign,” PM Dancila said, when questioned why she has given up Anca Alexandrescu’s services.

As for the alleged reason of the replacement, that Anca Alexandrescu is a closed to PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea and that there would be tensions between Dancila and Dragnea, the premier denied: „There is no conflict between me and the PSD leader. We were in Iasi together. We are talking and I talked to the president yesterday”.

Anca Alexandrescu, daughter of journalist Horia Alexandrescu, was appointed as Viorica Dancila’s honorary adviser in February 2018. Until then, Alexandrescu had worked as adviser of the Chamber of Deputies speaker, Liviu Dragnea.

Mass media has reported that Anca Alexandrescu’s departure comes amid colder relations between PM Dancila and Liviu Dragnea, following the premier’s denial to adopt the emergency ordinances on justice. Local journalists also wrote that Anca Alexandrescu is perceived inside PSD as one of Liviu Dragnea’s closest collaborators, being dubbed as “Dragnea’s shadow”.

Media also reported that PM Dancila was annoyed with Anca Alexandrescu’s aggressive attitude. “Anca is one of the meanest people I have ever met in my life“, Dancila would have complained to some of her collaborators in the Government.

Moreover, the head of Executive is also suspecting Alexandrescu of deliberately “inserting” mistakes in her speeches particularly to ruin the premier’s image so that Dancila could not become a threat against Liviu Dragnea, Adevarul daily reported.

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