Another 7 Romanian ambassadors recalled

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President Klaus Iohannis on Friday signed other seven decrees to recall the Romanian ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Serbia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Iran, reads a release by the Romanian Presidential Administration.

Daniel Cristian Ciobanu, Romania’s ambassador to Azerbaijan was appointed in 2011, while he had been previously first secretary at the Romanian Embassy in Moscow, together with his wife, Luminita Ciobanu, third secretary.

President Iohannis also recalled Anca Elena Opris, ambassador to Switzerland since 2011 and Diana-Anca Radu, ambassador to Brazil since 2012. Diplomat Diana Radu was hired at the Romanian Foreign Ministry in 1990. Ever since she has worked with Romania’s embassies in Lisbon, Paris, London and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Daniel Banu, the Romanian ambassador to Serbia, was recalled. Also a diplomat and an excellent Serbian-Croatian languages, he had been in Serbia since 2012 and he had also been ambassador to Bosnia. However, the Romanians in Timoc have constantly asked for Banu’s recall in 2013, 2014 and 2015, arguing he used to practice “an anti-Romanian policy”.

The Romanian president also recalled the ambassador to Kuwait, Vasile Sofinetti, sent to post by ex-president Basescu in 2011.

Emilian Ion, the Romanian ambassador to Pakistan was recalled, as well. He was involved in a crash last year, while he was aboard a helicopter with several ambassadors. Seven people died following the crash, including Norway’s and Philippines’ envoys.

Romania’s ambassador in Tehran Cristian Teodorescu will also return to Romania, after a ten-year mandate in Iran.

Early this week Klaus Iohannis also recalled other eight ambassadors, from Vatican, Senegal and Guiney, Egypt, Cyprus, Japan, Cuba and Republic of Korea.

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