ASF head Misu Negrițoiu: I understand my mandate is closing to an end, but I’ve done all I’ve promised


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The president of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), Misu Negritoiu has said on Tuesday he entirely assumed his mandate, he understands his mandate is coming to an end and he is to leave ASF “with the fulfilment that I’ve done all I’ve promised in front of the parliamentary committees and all I had to do.”

“I assume the shock therapy in the two and a half years of mandate and I’ve succeeded in laying the basis of a healthy market, with a majority to benefit from, not one for a minority,” Negritoiu said, reports.

He made the statements at the Parliament Palace, following the decisions of parliamentary committees on Monday to start the dismissal procedures against him.

“I had support from courageous people, I’ve taken over the institution when it was in a deadlock. I’ve completed the institutional construction,” he said.

Negritoiu claims he has turned ASF into a modern institution, efficient, competent and uninhibited, which makes decisions with consequences on the market.

“I saved more than RON 100 million,” Misu Negritoiu said, adding that he had wished to reach this moment to submit two fundamental reports for institutional and market reform,” reports to be analysed by the MPs. He mentioned the annual report 2015 and the report on the development of non-banking financial markets.

“For two and a half years I’ve done what I had to do, what should have been done in the first ten years from joining the European Union. I assume the market shock therapy. I lifted the veil from the non-banking financial markets,” Negritoiu said, adding “a financial balance has been reached to lay the basis for consumer protection.”

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