Avangarde poll: PSD loses 4pc, AUR comes second


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After two months of governing, PSD lost four percent in the polls, AUR is the second party in the electorate’s preferences, before PNL, and USR increases 2 percent, according to an Avangarde poll, conducted upon PSD’s request. In terms of trust, the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, ranks first, and Florin Cîțu is in last place on a par with Liviu Dragnea.

According to the Avangarde poll in January, the Social Democrats are credited with 35% in the voting intention, compared to 39% in December. AUR has an electoral share of 18%, PNL of 16% and USR of 12%.

Compared to the survey conducted in December, PSD loses 4 percentage points, PNL -2 points, AUR increases by two percent and USR also increases by two, from 10% to 12%.

Confidence in politicians

The poll says that the PSD Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, has a confidence share of 39%, being on the first place in the top. He is followed by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca (PNL) – 30%, Marcel Ciolacu (PSD) 30% and Gabriela Firea (PSD) -29%.

President Klaus Iohannis has a percentage of 20%, and George Simion from AUR is quoted with a confidence of 18%. At the opposite pole is the head of the PNL, Florin Cîțu, with only 8% in the preferences of those surveyed, on an equal footing with the former head of PSD, Liviu Dragnea.

64% will not have a green certificate at work  

64% of those surveyed do not agree with the introduction of the green certificate at work, while only 14% would accept it. 69% also believe that the Executive should give up the liberalization of the energy market for a while in order to solve the problem of rising energy prices.

The Avangarde poll was conducted during January 20-31 on 903 respondents.

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