B?sescu’s blackmail file reopened

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The file in which Senator Gabriela Firea (photo) accuses former President Traian B?sescu of blackmail was reopened by prosecutors of the Supreme Court, as former head of state no longer benefits from immunity.

Thus, according to sources quoted by Mediafax, the prosecutors reopened this file and investigations are currently in progress. Prosecutors are to establish if the criminal prosecution will also be extended to the person.

Investigation in this case has been suspended by prosecutors up to the moment Basescu ended his president term.

The Supreme Court announced on April 18 that it ordered the criminal prosecution for extortion, following the complaint filed by Gabriela Firea against Traian B?sescu, but the initiation of criminal proceedings was suspended as the President had immunity.

B?sescu – Firea scandal began after the former president said that even now he can say that Gabriela Firea is “a good journalist, but as a jurist she is catastrophic”. “She’d better stand still and take care of what it is happening on her husband’s domain, where he is mayor. Because she might not find him home one day if she is not careful. I understand that plenty of bad things are happening in his courtyard,” said B?sescu.

The former head of state also said that the PSD senator Gabriela Firea is “a professional blackmailer”. “There is not an attack against a woman, it’s an attack against a blackmailer who claims to be respected as a Senator of Romania, after she was schooled by Securitatea collaborator Felix,”said B?sescu.

Traian B?sescu also said that he recommends Prime Minister Victor Ponta not to hire the “blackmailer Senator” Gabriela Firea as spokesperson for the coalition’s elections, because she brings bad luck to the man of whom she says she wants to protect.

Subsequently, the PSD senator filed a complaint against Traian B?sescu for threat and blackmail.


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