Battle of surveys: ‘Avangarde’ claims PSD is still at 44pc, contradicting IMAS. Sociopol places PSD and PNL almost on the same level

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Following the release of an IMAS survey on Thursday, by USR leader Dan Barna, which claimed that the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) is in free fall in Romanians’ confidence, down to 28.6%, another survey, conducted by Avangarde was released Thursday evening for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

Coincidence or not, this battle of surveys comes just ahead of the PSD congress set for March 10.

According to Avangarde, the political parties stand as follows in the electorate’s preferences: PSD – 44%, PNL – 26%, USR – 11%, ALDE – 6%.

Marius Pieleanu, sociologist and manager of the Avangarde polling institute, said: “We can’t blame the ones who conduct the surveys the right to reveal them at any time. PSD does never fall below 33%. Liviu Dragnea (PSD leader – our note) still has a high confidence rate among the PSD’s electorate. Nicu Banicioiu deserves the position of PSD executive chairman.”

For March, his anticipations are: PSD – 35-40%, PNL – 19-25%, ALDE – 15%, USR – 9-10%.

On Thursday, Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna revealed a survey conducted by IMAS, which reads that PSD has fallen below the PNL.

“At the level of February, according to the monthly Romnibus survey, conducted by IMAS, it’s not a survey commissioned by USR, but we’ve subscribed. We see PSD went down to 28.6%, a significant drop. We see PNL at 29.4%. PNL is currently ahead of PSD. We have a growing USR to 11.2%, which is an important increase compared to the result with which we were elected in Parliament. In January we had 11.4%, ALDE is somewhere at 10% and PMP at 4, 6%,” USR Chairman Dan Barna said on Thursday. UDMR has reached 4.5%.

Another survey released by, conducted by Sociopol, reveals other rankings: PSD – 34%, PNL – 33%, USR – 12%, ALDE – 5%.


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