Biden vows to send more U.S. troops to Romania and Poland if Russia invades Ukraine. Macron: France ready to contribute with NATO troops in Romania


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US President Joe Biden told a news conference a year after taking office that the United States would increase its military presence in NATO member states on the eastern flank, such as Poland and Romania, if Russia will attack Ukraine.

Asked if he was considering withdrawing US troops from NATO’s eastern flank, President Biden made it clear that “there is no room for that.”

“We won’t do that. Actually, we will increase our military presence in Poland, Romania and other countries if Russia decides to invade Ukraine. Because we have a sacred commitment to defend these countries, according to Article 5. They are part of NATO,” said the US President.

Biden also dismissed the idea that his administration would withdraw troops from the former Warsaw Pact member states, which are now members of the Alliance, in order to reach an agreement to reduce tensions with Russia, which carried military equipment and gathered about 127,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine. “I’m not so sure he knows what he wants to do, I guess he’s going to attack, he has to do something,” said Joe Biden, referring to Vladimir Putin’s intention to carry out an armed attack on Ukraine.

At the end of last year, Russia made public its demands for limiting US military influence in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, which it sent to NATO and the United States and demanded, among other things, that NATO not accept any more. new member of the alliance and no longer establish a military base or place weapons in any of the former Warsaw Pact countries that are now members of the Alliance.

At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday that France is ready to contribute with NATO troops in Romania.

Tonight, Emmanuel Macron announced France’s readiness to participate in an advanced NATO military presence in Romania. France is in solidarity with European states concerned about their security,” French MEP Natalie Loiseau posted on Twitter.

President Klaus Iohannis welcomed the announcement made by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, regarding the fact that France is ready to contribute with NATO troops on the Romanian territory.

“I warmly welcome President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of France’s readiness to participate in NATO’s strengthened military presence in Romania. The Romania-France strategic partnership will be strengthened on the eastern flank of the Black Sea region,” Iohannis wrote on Twitter, on Thursday.

“I welcome the decision of President Emmanuel Macron, who announced that France is ready to contribute NATO troops to Romania. The announcement was made in front of the military leaders from a command near Strasbourg, according to our colleague from the Renew Europe group Nathalie Loiseau, who was present at the event “, Romanian MEP Dacian Ciolos also said.

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